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Baby Born Magic 43cm Jeans

Baby Born Magic 43cm Jeans

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The New Baby Born Magic Jeans Doll(Special Edition), also comes with "Magic Eyes" feature and has a soft and life-life aesthetics in a beautifull dress. The little girl just cannot understand why she has to go to bed already. After all, it is still light outside. Mummy and daddy have a great trick: just rotate the dummy in her mouth and her eyes close so it is dark. If only it were that easy with every baby

Turning the dummy opens and closes the doll s eyes, whatever position her body is in. The little girl also has sleeping eyes: if she is laid on her back without her dummy, her eyes close automatically.

Her favourite things to do are sleeping, eating and taking a bath. She loves to drink water from her bottle. Then she can do a wee in her nappy or potty, and cry real tears. As well as drinking water, BABY born can also eat porridge. Then she even does a number two. Her arms, legs and head are extremely mobile, so putting on and taking off her trendy clothes is child s play. The Soft Touch body is lovely, soft and comes with a "Special Edition Unique Glitter Jeans Outfit". This set includes a cooler bag and 10 accessories to support baby borns functions.

1. I have a soft and Life-Like Body

2. I Can Cry

3. I Can Wet My Nappy

4. I am Fully Bathable

5. I Can Controll my Wee and Poo

6. I Close my Eyes When Turning My "Magic Dummy"

7. No I Even Move More

8. No Batteries Needed

What's in the box
10 x Accessories
1 x Birth Certificate
1 x Bracelet for Doll and Child
1 x Botle
1 x Dummy
1 x Nappy
1 x Plate
1 x Spoon
1 x Potty and Food
10 x Funtions Working Without Batteries

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